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We provide a variety of valuation services to our customers, but residential real estate appraisals are our bread and butter. We have handled in excess of 13,000 appraisals in a single month without missing a beat.

Home Equity & Evaluations Offerings

Whether you’re offering a home equity loan or HELOC, we provide a variety of valuation services with a range of pricing and robustness.

Home Equity

“In my book, Triserv is at the top of the list. Not just because their quality is superior to their competitors, but it is their genuine warmth and willingness to go the extra mile when you call upon them for help. It is very rare these days to find a company with “Down Home Values,” but Triserv has proven to be that company you can depend upon to be a partner and not just a vendor.”

- Director of Mortgage Operations, Due Diligence Company, California
Market Analysis Condition Reports (MACR)

Our proprietary MACRs are the perfect, low cost tool allowing lenders to quickly obtain an effective and affordable valuation/property condition report. These are frequently used for home equity loans and to fulfil the Interagency Guidelines requiring annual valuation/property condition reports.

Field Reviews

When Due Diligence companies need to perform field reviews of other appraisals, they come to us. Our wide network of quality appraisers allows us to quickly and accurately review these appraisals.

Field Reviews

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