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Appraisal Services Provided by Triserv,
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Fast, Accurate Appraisals

Thanks to our nationwide network of the best appraisers, we have handled in excess of 13,000 appraisals in a single month without missing a beat. Our client-specific, dedicated teams on both coasts get to know the lenders they work with.

Wide Variety of Offerings

Whether you need a Form 1004 (Single Family Residence), 1073 (Condo), 1025 (2-4 Unit Multi-Family), 1004C (Manufactured Home), 2055 (Exterior Only Single Family Residence), 1075 (Exterior Only Condo), or other type of valuation, we’ve got you covered.


“I really enjoy working with Triserv; I have been using them since 2011 for all of my purchase and refinance transactions. I am happy with the service they give me and my clients and find them to be very helpful, professional and caring when it comes to my needs. I definitely recommend Triserv for your appraisal needs.”

- Loan Originator, Mortgage Lender, Tennessee
Our Appraisal Process

Our appraisal process includes:

  • Integrated order management (LOS, website or batch process).
  • A dedicated team to manage each order.
  • View the status of each order’s workflow from start, to scheduling, to inspection, to review, to completion.
  • A comprehensive (but timely) manual review of each appraisal, including USPAP compliance, UAD compliance, and a Collateral Underwriter Score Preview.
  • Delivery of appraisal to the lender and borrower via a tracked page with borrower acceptance of the electronic download.
  • Handling/delivery of UCDP and EAD SSRs to the lender.
  • Delivery of all documents into the LOS (available).
Appraisal Process Diagram

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