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Six Types of Intelligence

When a mortgage lender like you chooses Triserv as its AMC, you don’t just get a simple appraisal report. You also benefit from six different types of intelligence bundled into one company. Here’s what we mean by “six types of intelligence”

Lender Resource Series: A Lender’s Role in Smooth Appraisal Orders

Every lender wants their closing to go smoothly, and that includes the appraisal. One thing lenders can do to help ensure that their appraisal order doesn’t get delayed is to submit all needed information upfront. This ensures that we don’t have to go back and forth, requesting additional data over a period of days or even weeks.

Triserv Appraisal Management Solutions Announces Promotion of Ted Venhorst

Triserv Appraisal Management Solutions announced that Ted Venhorst has been promoted to Senior Vice President, Director National Sales & Marketing. With this promotion, he assumes leadership of both the sales and marketing teams nationally.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

“We are different. We don’t work like the other AMCs.” This may very well be something you’ve heard from our competitors, but at Triserv, we really are different. We do not operate like other AMCs. In September, we covered our philosophy on working with appraisers. This month, we’ll discuss how the Triserv team is set up, and, more importantly, how this benefits you.

Lender Resource Series: When is a Comparable…Comparable?

A Comparable, sometimes referred to as a “comp,” is, by definition, a property used for comparison in the real estate appraisal process. The property is found to have similar characteristics to the Subject property whose value is being sought.

How Strong is Your AMC?

We don’t have to tell you how tough the market is right now. Many mortgage lenders are getting crushed by the lower volume of loans, resulting in layoffs, mergers and acquisitions, and some lenders shutting their doors. The same thing is happening in the appraisal management industry. Many AMCs are also laying off employees, being sold to larger AMCs, or going bankrupt.

Lender Resource Series: Triserv's Philosphy on Working with Appraisers

“We are different. We don’t work like other AMCs.” This may very well be something you might hear from our competitors, but at Triserv, we really are different. We do not operate like other AMCs in a number of important ways. Today, we’ll cover Triserv’s philosophy on working with appraisers, which directly impacts the quality and timeliness of appraisal reports for our clients.

Lender Resource Series: The QC Review Process

Your appraisal order has been placed, the inspection has been done, and the appraiser turns in the report to Triserv. What are the next steps? What does your Quality Control (QC) review process entail?

Lender Resource Series: How to Read an Appraisal Report

Without spending 90 hours in an appraiser licensing course and another 2000 hours as an apprentice, it is not possible to fully explain the appraisal report and all its components. We can, however, provide a general understanding of the report, what is being provided, and why the information is included.

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