LOS Integrations

Triserv Appraisal Management is at the forefront of the appraisal industry in building system-to-system integrations with leading LOS (Loan Origination System) and Appraisal Middleware providers.

The simple benefit to a lender of an integrated appraisal process is massive time savings. Every click, every order, all appraisal deliveries and most status messages and updates are delivered back and forth between your staff and Triserv seamlessly through your loan file.

  • Saves your team time from having to manually type orders into our website.
  • Auto-populates the appraisal documents into your loan file records.
  • All updates into the loan file are visible and accessible to everyone tied to that particular file, making communication and progress transparent.
  • Lenders report saving hundreds of hours of time per month not having their staff leave the LOS system to get updates from the AMC using outside systems.

Our proprietary, in-house appraisal management software, called TAMS™, gives us the ability and advantage to quickly develop and deliver integrations and new customer features at will. Triserv has integrations with many leading LOS systems and can build and scale proprietary integrations either with your company‚Äôs custom software or the loan origination system of your choice. If your preferred direct integration is not on the list, contact us to find out how we can integrate your process.

  • FNC (Collateral Management System)*
  • Mercury Network (Enterprise Vendor Framework)
  • UPF/Appraisal Firewall
  • Ellie Mae Encompass (PSDK Top Tier)
  • RealEC*
  • Empower (via RealEC)
  • Mortgage Cadence (via RealEC)
  • Prime Alliance (via RealEC)
  • LendingSpace (via RealEC)
  • Lending QB
  • InHouse Connexions
  • MortgageBot (via Mercury)
  • LoanLogics
  • Calyx Point and PATH (via Mercury)
  • Global DMS E-TRAC
  • Lender X
  • Connexions™
  • Reggora*
  • ClosingCorp WestVM

* Indicates that some level of custom coding/enhancement will be required on a per client basis.

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