Take a Deep Breath...It's Autumn

While the housing market is still experiencing high demand and everyone in the real estate industry remains busier than usual, the hectic pace of the past 18 months is finally starting to slow down. Just as the weather is cooling off, so is the housing market, if only a little.

Now that it’s autumn, we’re suggesting that lenders take a deep breath and look around. Take stock of where you are and pat yourselves on the back for surviving the last year and a half. Also, see how you can prepare yourself and your office to work more efficiently and provide the best service possible to your customers, now that you have the time to focus on something other than the day-to-day.

Here are some questions to ask yourself on the appraisal management front:

If you’re disappointed with your AMC - or you’re not happy managing appraisals internally - here are 12 questions you can ask any AMC to ensure you’re working with a true partner. Look for an AMC that follows CFPB guidelines and treats their appraisers well. Also, ensure your AMC partner is realistic in setting turn times and can meet them.

We hope you enjoy this autumn season of change and have a chance to rest, recharge, and focus on enhancing your business.

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